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Girl with the crown
A queen in the making

It's funny how a whole lot of people expect so much from others and then get disappointed at the end of the day, when their expectations are not met.

You see ladies who find out that their supposed best friend has been saying stuff behind her back for years and the story that ends is "I never expected this from you".

Expectations comes from a place of holding certain people to a position, or building an image of such people in your head on what you expect and not expect them to do.

Most often than not, people do not act the way we expect them to do.

Shall we then say expectation is such a bad thing? No.

Humans and expectations are like siamese twins, they are always together. We expect so much from the people around us that it seems disheartening when people don't meet up to expectations.

There are expectations that are justifiable. You taking care of your parents when you become more capable is an expectation you have to fulfill. 

To some, it is getting married and being faithful to their partner.

To some, it is responsibility and accountability.

Others might expect to be treated the way they treat others.

There are expectations but what makes it potentially dangerous is when you begin to have high expectations from people whom you are not supposed to.

Most relationships crash because of high expectations.

Each partner expecting too much from the other partner and when they both fall short of whatever expectations they both had of each other. They are both confused and broken. See ehn this life is not difficult, don't make it so for yourself.

Your relationship is barely two months old yet you are comparing it to Chokolate 's relationship of over two years. You are expecting your partner to sound deep and woke but you can't even hold a stable conversation.

Just barely two months and you are expecting him already to introduce you to all his family members. My dear, I laugh in French.

Just barely five months you've become friends with a someone, you've named him/her bestie.

Someone randomly shows you an act of kindness, and maybe sometimes shows up for you when you need help and you blessed her with the title 'God mother' and expect her to now act as such.

Don't make people feel sorry for helping you.

Don't act like you're entitled to stuffs.

Don't expect the world to fall down to your feet because you are beautiful.

Do not expect everyone to fall in love with you because you have an amazing voice.

Stop placing high expectations on people.

It helps you and the other party involved.

I get that it might be a subconscious thing but be deliberate from now about it. 

That way if any one does any thing to hurt you or break you, you won't feel so bad because you had no expectations in the first place.

On the other hand also, stop placing unnecessary responsibilities on people's head.  If someone does something nice for you once, don't expect them to do it another day.

People will what? They will disappoint you, it is in our DNA and there's nothing we can do about it. The sooner we started accepting that, the better we'll deal with the people around us.

Give people a little allowance. Let them be humans and save yourself a lot of headache


©Tee ha na

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