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Life Beyond Bonestraight


Girl on bone straight hair
Bonestraight hair

How deep are you as a lady?

Are you the type who engages in conversation about the color of your wig, or how much you like the lace wig bukky wore to work last week.

You're aiming to marry an Alhaji or a chief, become wife number five. You've got your whole life mapped out, you didn't come to this life to suffer. You have to maintain the perfect skin you own already, you have to rock those events with trendy clothes and bags.

You're beautiful quite well and you know it. Your fashion sense is the best in all the 36 states, Bobrisky's got nothing on you. You can also ride and go for long stretches without getting tired, it's a gift you tell yourself.


But how deep are you?

Can you hold your own in a conversation or you can explain?

Do you even speak proper English or you're forming accent? If drawn into a conversation about Nigerian current affairs, how much can you say? When you find yourself suddenly in a gathering of men and women talking about stock and exchange, how much can you contribute?

Does your knowledge of business go beyond ordering for wears online and getting it delivered to your doorstep.

How deep are you?

We live in a world increasingly dominated by the growing technology. Does your knowledge of the internet go beyond twitter battles, retweets and hashtags or you simply like to follow trends.

Fine, school is a scam we agree but how much have you taught yourself. Do you have any knowledge asides the one school gave you or you don't think it's necessary. As a lady i cannot emphasize enough how vitally important it is to possess substance. Be a content and not just a container. Beauty and figure is not enough anymore, use your brains.

Be the kind of woman who speaks a word and ten thousand would look back with respect. Be a pace setter, a queen in your circle. It is not a matter of stature. You can possess a stature and beauty like Nengi and be floored by someone like Laycon. The recent Big Brother season has only served to emphasize how much people value personality and intellectualism.

You can be beautiful and still smart, there's no law against that. Carry content! Make deep conversations, being deep goes beyond knowing what to say when asked a question, it requires you to understand what you are saying, believe in it and radiating that confidence even among great intellectuals. Why I'm hammering on women today is because some women believe such talks are meant for men. A lot of women now do investments, don't be left behind because of norms.

Stay updated, keep informed!

If you have a bit of the knowledge of both the world history and politics it will not kill you. Some women don't even know anything about politics except the little they were taught about government in secondary school. Do you think men don't get impressed by women with knowledge of either sports, business or politics. We live in a man's world, you have to pick an interest to succeed.

Carry content! It takes you farther than most. They won't teach you these in school

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