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Your Report or Theirs?


A girl thinking
Your report or theirs?

Whose Report would you believe?

Watching The Voice Nigeria finale on YouTube yesterday night left me in goosebumps and an emotional state. I grew reflective, I saw Esther, watched her journey from the beginning and I could not help but bond with her just yesterday night from her performance.

Everything about Esther screamed God and she didn't even have to carry a placard or megaphone in hand going street to street before I saw that.

Prior to this, I'd not been following the show but because of how all my friends were going crazy over the finale, I watched it on YouTube yesterday to see for myself and boy! I was wowed.

By the time the show ended, I was literarily in tears as I reflected on my journey thus far as well. So many times I've beaten myself up because of certain expectations I've given myself, so many times I've set certain standards for myself that I could not reach and I would feel so bad for that, not looking at where God strategically placed me at that moment.

Eazzie reminded me so much of myself before. Damn! I had a low self esteem the size of a blindfold, and you know a blindfold stops you from seeing what's right in front of you.

Everyone else was seeing it, family, friends even random strangers I suddenly bonded with. They would tell me of how amazing I was and how unique what I was doing was but I just could never see it for myself.

I was teased from my very tender age by friends for being slim and this colored my thinking. I would be in a competition and then tell myself that I didn't deserve to be here, I would play down my abilities and I would convince myself that I was okay with the second position.

I could just as easily reach for the first position, I was that brilliant but no! I would stubbornly tell myself to be okay with second position that at least most people would kill for a second position.

That's what low self-esteem does to you.

You would be among gathering of individuals like yourself, you could easily beat them at their game, you know this in your gut but you convince yourself that they are better than you just because they are there upstage.

There's nothing special about being upstage!

There's nothing special about being in the spotlight!

You are the magic that the spotlight needs and without you, it's just another light in the room.

You are easily the most creative person in your group, you know that already but your self confidence is badly broken that you can't imagine yourself up there.

My dear, if you don't go up there, then you're denying the world of seeing a creative like you bloom and wow them.

The beautiful thing about unfolding and coming out of your shell is that your vulnerability is plain for all to see and remember I've said it already that it's okay to be vulnerable. 

Do not let anyone decide the course of your life. That spotlight cannot kill you I promise, I've been there.

Maybe one day I'll talk about how pushing myself out of my comfort zone has led me fufill something I never ever imagined I could do, which is producing my own movie.

You don't need their validation. You don't need their words. Heck! You don't even need me to tell you how amazingly unique you are, you know that in your guts.

So now that you know, what are you gonna do about that?

Whose report will you believe?

Yourself or the myopic critics?

©Tee ha na

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